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Breakthrough trains high-achieving high school and college students to teach in the summer and school-year sessions as part of its unique students-teaching-students model. With guidance and support from Program Directors and experienced professional Mentor Teachers, college and high-school students shoulder the responsibilities of full-time educators as they implement curricula, plan daily lessons, manage student behavior, and commit their time to helping younger students follow in their footsteps on the road to college.

How do I apply for the program?

If you are interested in teaching in the Summer Program, you must apply through the national organization, the Breakthrough Collaborative. If you are interested in tutoring or teaching in the school year program , please contact or download the tutor or teacher applications below.

Go To: https://www.breakthroughcollaborative.org/teach/apply

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Summer Internship Teacher Application

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano support its teachers?

Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano hires professional educators to serve as Mentor Teachers (MTs) during the Summer and School Year Program. MTs share curriculum ideas, critique lesson plans, observe classes and provide feedback. MTs offer supportive eyes and ears to teachers as they experience the roller-coaster of first time teaching.

Our teachers also become each other’s advocates and support systems. The program cultivates collegiality through meetings and discussions, but also through staff dinners, positive recognition, program rituals and celebration!

What is a typical day like for a Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano teacher?


During the summer, a typical day begins with Staff Huddle bright and early at 7:45 a.m. After reviewing important information for the day, you will greet the students with a themed welcome (crazed, autograph seeking paparazzi is one of our favorites), sit down for breakfast and informally check in with your advisees. From there, you will head off to first period to teach the first of your two core academic classes. During your free periods, you might prepare for your next class, debrief with your Mentor Teacher, observe another teacher’s class or just relax in the staff room. After fourth period, come lunch, recess and Community Meeting. You’ll make your way back inside to join your co-teacher for 5th period writing class, break off into Houses for Homework Hut, and wrap up the day with non-academic electives (think basketball boot camp, step team and yearbook). Once the students receive a proper send off, you will attend Staff Meeting and, depending on the day, a professional development session, project team meeting, or staff bonding event. In the evening (around 6:00), you return home to grade papers, lesson plan, recharge, and dream about Breakthrough SJC! 

School Year

As an In-Session teacher, you will lead a subject specific study group and/or math class based on lesson plans that will be provided to you. You will have the opportunity to modify lessons if you choose. Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursday from 3:30-5:00 pm at Marco Forster Middle school.

As an In-Session Tutor, you will meet with your assigned student at least one time per week at Marco Forster Middle School. You may schedule tutoring at your convenience for Monday, Wednesdays of Fridays from 3:30-5:00.

What kind of training will I receive?

Summer Teacher Orientation includes 10 days of intensive workshops focused on cultural competency, lesson planning, instructional strategies and classroom management. All workshops are tailored to support brand new teachers

School year teachers are required to attend three mandatory orientations and will receive additional support from Breakthrough’s Program Director Lorena Martinez.

Who are Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano teachers?

Breakthrough Cambridge teachers are a talented, energetic group of high school and college students. They come from diverse academic and personal backgrounds, but share a strong commitment to their students, to each other, and to the Breakthrough Cambridge mission.

The following is demographic information for the 2008 teaching staff:

Male                                26%

Female                            74%

White                              45%

Of Color                          55%

High School                    19%

College                           81%

Breakthrough Veterans    55%

Who can I contact if I have more questions about the teaching program?

Please contact Lorena Martinez at or 949.661.0108 ext: 322 if you are interested in teaching in the Summer or School Year Program.


For further information or to schedule a visit please contact us.