Our Students

More than 2,000 students every year

90% are of color

68% qualify for free or reduced-price lunch

25% speak English as a second language

30% come from a single parent household

75% will be the first in their families to attend college

More than 80% are accepted to college-preparatory high schools

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Breakthrough launches low-income students on the road to college.

Breakthrough students work hard, take risks and have fun.  They are promising 5th-9th graders who have the potential  to be first-generation college graduates. However, the challenges of race, poverty, language, and low-performing urban school threaten their dreams.  Through intensive sumer sessions, Breakthrough ensures high-potential students begin the road to college successfully in middle school.  The results are immediate.  By ninth grade, more that 90% of Breakthrough students are enrolled in rigorous, college-preparatory mathematics courses, and in tenth grade, over 90% of Breakthrough students are enrolled in college-preparatory science courses.

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