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Be a Homestay Host Family!

Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano needs families to offer a room to approximately 15 teachers from all over the United States. We encourage you to consider this wonderful opportunity for the Summer 2013 session for nine weeks (June 10 to August 10). Please fill out the application as soon as possible and submit to Claire Frahm at

Download the form here.


FAQs About Breakthrough Homestays:

Q. How long will the teacher intern be staying with us?

A: The Breakthrough program is nine weeks long, and it would be wonderful if you could house a teacher intern for that period of time.Arrival: mid-June; Departure: mid-August

Q: Will my teacher intern tutor my child at home?

A: That is determined by the individual. The teacher intern will have his/her own "homework" such as lesson plans and grading to do every night. They will have many demands on their time, so there is a chance that they will not have the time or energy to devote to your child.

Q: May we invite our teacher intern to join us on family outings?

A: Of course! Invite your teacher intern to join your family at a picnic or family night out! Many wonderful relationships develop during homestays. However, because of their teaching commitments and the amount of energy required, do not feel rejected if the teacher is unable to spend much time with the family.

Q: If we go out in the evenings, can the teacher intern baby-sit the kids?

A: That is determined by the individual. Their schedules are unpredictable and demanding so that may not be possible.

Q: Do we have to provide food?

A: Yes. We ask that you provide the teacher interns with access to food. If you are a family who sits down for dinner, please feel free to invite the teacher intern to dine with you.  Since they are not paid until the end of the summer, many of them have limited funds. Also, they have made their commitment to teach based on the understanding that they will have room and board provided, even if they are house-sitting. . Both continental breakfast and lunch are provided at school. If you are going to be out of town, please leave enough groceries for your teacher, or another suggestion would be to leave them with a gift card to a local grocery store.

Q: How will our teacher get to Breakthrough from our home?

A: Breakthrough will provide transportation. This summer, half of the BTSJC teachers have cars and they will be carpooling to and from school and to BTSJC events and social outings.

Q: Can I let my host son/daughter borrow my car?

A: If you plan to let your host son/daughter borrow your car, you need to put them on your car insurance policy since they will be living under your roof. Please do not allow them to drive your car if you do not add them to your policy. There is too much liability to you, the teacher and to the school. You are welcome to let them borrow your bike for those that might live close to the school.

Other Useful Hints

It is important that you open the lines of communication early with your houseguest, especially about expectations and rules. Things like late nights and visitors should be discussed early to avoid confusion and worry, especially if he/she is house-sitting for you.

As a homestay host, you are a part of the Breakthrough SJC family. Don’t hesitate to join us for academic days or special events over the summer.We have included a calendar in your packet.

Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to call Claire Frahm at (949) 283-1530 or Lorena Martinez.


For further information or to schedule a visit please contact us.